New victim: Catherine Mtsituridze told about sexual harassment

Новая жертва: Екатерина Мцитуридзе рассказала о сексуальных домогательствах
Russian TV host gets harassed Harvey Weinstein.

Photo: Instagram

Sex scandal with producer Harvey Weinstein, is gaining momentum. More and more Actresses to interrupt the silence and talk about that at the time were persecuted. Among them — a star of Russian TV Ekaterina Mtsituridze.

“I first met Mr. Weinstein at the Berlin festival in 2003 — said Ekaterina us magazine The Hollywood Reporter. — I then did an interview with George Clooney for the First channel. Harvey was co-producer of the film, which the actor first became a Director. After the conversation he said that he liked my questions, Cho he loves the Russian culture, Chekhov and loves all his grandparents genera from Russia and have lunch in your room. I was very surprised by this offer, but tried to laugh it off that my boyfriend will not be a pleasure to talk tete-a-tete. But if Winston’ll wait for you, then no problem. He only wrote his cell phone number and said he would wait for my call. After that, we met at many events and every time he asked me when I’ll call him”.

The worst thing that ever happened in Venice in 2004. Weinstein invited Catherine to meet at his hotel to discuss his new project with Russian writers.

“I thought he wants to meet in the café of the hotel, says the star. But the meeting was not he, but his agent. He explained that Harvey feels bad and asks to go up to his room. I went because the agent also was going to attend. But he disappeared as soon as I walked into the room. I saw the Breakfast, served for two, and Weinstein in a Bathrobe. It stunned me, I stood like a statue not knowing what to do. A producer saw it and asked me to relax. Supposedly he is waiting for a masseur, but he is late so he is in this form. I knew in the lobby of the hotel is the press junket. Thought, hear me someone, if I scream? I heard his words: “You love it. I am a guru in this business. You never met a man like me.” And at that moment the door opened and came a hotel employee who brought the champagne. I took advantage of the situation and ran out of the room. I saw my friends with Danish television. They were surprised at my condition, but for some reason I told them I feel bad”.

To break the silence she decided after several Actresses spoke about the harassment of the producer.