Новый твит Канье Уэста: исполнитель думал о суициде?

Kanye West continues to shock the public. The rapper talked about love for the President of the United States Donald Trump, told about how his wife Kim Kardashian almost left him. A day earlier, Kanye said on Twitter that I thought about suicide.

“I watched a documentary about Alexander McQueen (British designer, who committed suicide) and compared the picture with his life. I know how it feels to want to get on with my life, when it seems that the only way out is death. To be clear and understandable to all. I had these thoughts, and I’ll tell you what saved me. Rule number 1 — avoid people who make you think about suicide,” concluded West.

Latest album, Kanye West revealed a lot of problems, about which early did not know the public. The rapper decided specifically to be Frank and do not hide anything. But fans previously noticed the hint of a problem: tweets Kanye after his return to Twitter have made us think something was wrong. This time a song from album artist spoke about how his wife Kim wanted to leave.

The song wouldn’t Leave Kanye sings about the high-profile statement which he made earlier. He said that slavery is a conscious choice. After the scandalous statements on Kanye all up in arms, and even the sisters of his wife. “My wife called me, crying, that now we all lose because of me. I told her to calm down because she could not breathe and that she can now get away from me. But she’s not gone,” sings Kanye.

ET online has learned Kim the details of the incident. “If I cried because of this? If I was arguing with him over this? Yes. But that’s not what we wanted to put on the Network. It’s not about Twitter, and how we think. Sometimes we have my husband hold different opinions, but I will always be on his side. I know that my husband is always the best of intentions. And he has the biggest heart. Sometimes he can be misunderstood, but that doesn’t mean his ideas are bad. I will always be there with him.”

Recall that in her new album YE West spoke about the problems in the marriage with Kim Kardashian, and now in an interview with radio host Big Boy he told that he suffers from a mental disorder. The Executive considers that this is not a problem, but his superpower.

“I did not have this diagnosis to 39 years. But as I sang the song from the new album, it’s not a disorder, but a superpower,” said he.