New “the Bachelor” has caused confusion among fans of the show

Новый «Холостяк» вызвал недоумение у поклонников шоу Fans disappointed in the choice of the main character of the TV show. However, there were those who felt that the star of the series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov not worse than the previous suitors, whose heart fought girls from across the country.

      In anticipation of the new season of the popular TV show “the Bachelor,” the audience waited for, who will be the new hero, whose heart will fight 25 charming girls. As it turned out, they will be the star of the series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov. However, the 32-year-old actor delighted not all. The winner of the third season of “the Bachelor,” Daria Kanawha expressed surprise at the choice of the groom by the producers of the project.

      “Really? Seriously? I want to hear your opinion,” wrote Darya in the microblog, accompanied by the entry of numerous amused smiles.

      I must say that this phrase has caused quite a stir in the comments to the publication of Kaneohe. The subscribers were divided into two camps – some were disappointed, as wanted to see another man as groom, and some were more favorable to Elijah and thought he was no worse than all the previous “Bachelors”.

      “I’m not going to watch as something not serious!”, “He’s great, but short, girls too small to gain?”, “Why not come to older men?”, “I think he’s like the sparrows – will love myself and no one else,” wrote the angry followers Darya.

      “A normal man, but what’s wrong with it?”, “Do not understand the reaction, dash… a Normal guy. Charismatic, interesting. The worse Bitruji? And age good, And I think he kicked it up a notch. Bristly men beautiful,” defended Glinnikov subscribers.

      Ilya is quite restrained in emotions about his involvement in the sensational reality show. While it is with little doubt refers to the probability to find your true love under the sight of numerous cameras. However, the producers of the project are sure that surrounded by 25 beautiful girls who will come to fight for his heart from across the country, he will be able to meet the right one.

      “I treat the show “the Bachelor” as the most severe test in my life. Love is an action. Point”, – said the actor.

      Many people remember that for some time he tied a romantic relationship with a colleague on the series by Aglaia Tarasova. Young people lived on the volcano fought a lot, but conflicts always came to naught. Now, however, Glinnikov absolutely free. In may, he broke up with the actress, and the resumption of former relations is not thinking.

      “Aglaia Tarasova has long been their own personal life and I have mine” – openly stated the new “Bachelor.”