New “the Bachelor” Egor Krid makes girls tough requirements

Новый «Холостяк» Егор Крид предъявляет девушкам жесткие требования The musician told about his preferences. Egor Krid will be the sixth hero of the romantic reality show on Russian television. Participants will try to conquer the artist not only outstanding appearance, but also for other talents.
Новый «Холостяк» Егор Крид предъявляет девушкам жесткие требования

In early September, “StarHit” first reported that the singer Yegor Krid will be the main hero of the sixth season of the show “the Bachelor” on TNT. Very soon for the heart of a 23-year-old actor will fight dozens of girls. However, the young man told what traits he is attracted, and therefore not willing to spend time and effort on unsuitable candidates. Egor creed became the new “Bachelor” on TNT

“The ideal is, of course, no no. And it can be found only in movies or your own videos. But for me, the most interesting are the girls who have their own point of view, your goal, your dream and your self-occupation. I’m not saying that it should be completely self-sufficient, but not completely to be commercially dependent on men. I can hook girls, I don’t need anything”, – said Yegor.

The musician admits that trying to work on my own character. According to him, he became more calm. Egor understands – excessive temper can offend the other person. Now creed is trying not to make rash declarations – he’s trying to calm down and do not pay attention to emotions. However, the singer is not trying to appeal to everyone, and therefore does not stand on ceremony with those who do not like.

“In fact, a temper full of people, each person can flare up, simply non-public people can at least a thousand times a day to do, no one will notice. And the artists are public people, so we focus attention, actions are recorded and become the background. So I’m surprised when they say to me “Yes he is violent.” Usually I like everything,” – says Yegor.

The actor admitted the publication Woman’s Day, due to the busy schedule he does not have time for a personal life. However, thanks to tireless work, the artist has occupied the eighth place on the level of income of Russian stars according to Forbes magazine. Egor creed: “I Have no time for stardom”

For next spring, the whole country will be interested to observe who of the girls will be able to conquer the heart of a musician.