New technologies on the Russian market of Windows

Новые технологии на российском рынке окон

Новые технологии на российском рынке окон

Progress does not stand still, and the Windows market annually there are innovative manufacturing technologies, through which the translucent structures are becoming smarter, safer, more comfortable and, finally, environmentally friendly. Partners and participants of the professional Award “the Window company of the year 2017” (WinAwards Russia) according to spoke about the latest innovations in the field of window production in Russia.

“We are monitoring the pace of implementation of innovative technologies in different industries and find that industry of translucent constructions is one of the fastest growing. This is a potentially large market for Russian innovative products,” said Maxim Nevesenko, Deputy Director of the Department of programs to stimulate demand Fund for infrastructure and educational programs (FIEP, a group of “RUSNANO”).

Новые технологии на российском рынке окон

New technologies in the manufacture of fittings

Hardware is responsible for the entire functionality of the window — opening, closing, tilting, it holds the entire weight of the sash during movement. Thus, according to the Russian GOST, the fittings shall withstand 20,000 cycles, or approximately 15-20 years of operation. In the study of] the hardware of the new generation from SIEGENIA TITAN AF successfully completed 45,000 cycles, which corresponds to almost 50 years of operation.

“Interestingly, even after such a marathon fittings continued to work steadily and reliably, with virtually no wear and tear of the elements. To achieve such long-term and reliable work of the hardware TITAN AF helps the use of combined elements in hardware”, — said Roman Piskarev, head of Department for training and technical service SIEGENIA GRUPPE in Russia.

Global trends lie in the improved comfort and energy efficiency of Windows, in this connection, in the line of ScriptAliased solutions from SIEGENIA has a new hinge side axxent 24 combining design performance and increased energy efficiency.

Новые технологии на российском рынке окон

Intelligent window

In recent years, increasingly common from the point of view of consumer Windows are equipped with automatic control, including integration with smart home systems. The German brand SIEGENIA, for example, in the line of products appeared hidden drive for tilt and turn window AXXENT DRIVE DK, which allows you to remotely, including through a mobile application to control the mode of ventilation. Concealed storage drive in conjunction with the use of concealed hinge side Axxent 24 Plus gives the window a modern and attractive appearance.

Новые технологии на российском рынке окон

In 2017, the company introduced on the Russian market a new device ventilation — Vent secure. The new product allows you to refresh the air in the room, while the window remains protected from hacking.

“For consumers, this means safe ventilation regardless of, there is someone home or not. Even if you are going on vacation or a business trip, the window with the Vent secure to ventilate the room, protecting it from the invasion of uninvited guests. Another nice bonus is the protection from moisture is pressed through the lower horizontal sash, for example, in the case of driving rain,” explained Roman Piskarev.

Новые технологии на российском рынке окон

Ecology and energy savings — the engines of window innovations

In the year of environment in Russia is particularly relevant to the theme of “green” wood. Producers are looking for new processing technology and application in window profiles the most environmentally friendly material.

“Wood-aluminium Windows are especially popular today. The wood inside gives comfort, and the aluminum siding of the Windows from the outside provides the most effective and long-lasting protection from inclement weather, while allowing to realize individual color solutions,” says Vladimir Tkachev, Director General of the company “Dekon”.

Themselves wooden and wood-aluminum Windows have plenty of natural insulation. In combination with a sealed glazing obtained long-term savings on heating costs.

“Company “Dekon” offers coated glass to improve comfort and save energy Termomebel. In turn, the glass Stopray Neo, which includes a glass with selective low-e coating based on silver, has a unique capacity to maintain a comfortable temperature regardless of the time of year”, — said the expert of “Dekon”.

Новые технологии на российском рынке окон

Nanotechnology in glass

Analysis of heat losses in residential buildings shows that through walls “leaked” about 30% of the total heat loss and up to 44%, so the use of glasses with nano especially important. The cost of installing such heat-saving Windows can be recouped in one year. The Fund for infrastructure and educational programs, for example, already carries out a number of pilot projects on major repairs of houses in Kaluga, Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions, where the use of nanotechnological materials and designs, including glass nano.

“We support a comprehensive implementation of innovative and nanotechnological developments, including at the facilities of major corporations such as Transneft, Gazprom, Russian Railways and others. In addition, we cooperate with the regional authorities, with the support of which provide major repairs of apartment houses and public buildings using new technologies. Such glass in the framework of the agreement with Russian Railways installed at several stations of the Moscow Central ring,” — said the expert FIEP Maxim Nevesenko.

Новые технологии на российском рынке окон

Innovative profile material

Another new product on the Windows market — this profiles of fiberglass production started in Russia. This material has all the best properties of plastic, wooden and aluminium profiles.

“Profile fiberglass has the strength of steel, thermal conductivity of wood, durability and corrosion resistance,” says Marina Kapichnikova, Director Fiberglass Windows & Doors.

The appearance of fiberglass pultrusion profiles in the market for most producers was a big surprise and a new challenge, as this material is in no way inferior in its properties to traditional. “Windows and doors fiberglass quickly won its niche, taking advantage of the high demand from private consumers and surpassing other relevant system”, — said the head of the company Fiberglass Windows Doors.

Новые технологии на российском рынке окон

Residential winter garden

Another innovative new product on the Russian market, which is unique, is the “Living Conservatory”. It combines advanced Russian technologies and the latest Western designs.

Residential winter garden provides not only ease of use and long-term service, but also allows efficient use of space, transforming the terrace into an extra warm room with natural light and a transparent ceiling.

“When you create a residential conservatories are all novelties in the market of translucent structures, from energy-saving and multifunctional glass covers to warm aluminum roofing systems Schilling (Germany). All the advantages of each technology are combined in a single complex, which does not require additional costs for heating in our climate,” — says Sergey Pyatkin, CEO of window company “ROSHANDA products”. The project “Residential winter garden” was nominated for the award WinAwards 2017 Russia in the category “innovation of the year”.

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