New soloist of “Leningrad” do not compete

Новые солистки «Ленинграда» не конкурируют между собой Each member knows his place in the group. After leaving Alice VOX its place was taken by two female vocalists. Despite this, Vasilisa Starshova and Florida Chanturia not compete with each other.

      Новые солистки «Ленинграда» не конкурируют между собой

      After leaving the group “Leningrad” soloists Alisa VOX Sergey Shnurov quickly tried to find a replacement vocalist. Most fans of the musicians were surprised that the founder of the group decided to go a non-trivial way and on its place took two singers – the Florida Chanturiya and Vasilisa Starshova. Now the new contestants already gave a number of concerts and used to work in a group. Although now on stage are two female vocalists, the girls claim that between them there is no competition, and none of them takes the leading position.

      “Flo is very similar, even birthmarks on the bellies are the same, there is no competition. And we didn’t know that there will be two vocalists, it was the desire of Sergey, but it’s cool — a new phase for the group. And none of us are prima, we are on an equal footing and on an equal footing,” said Starshova.

      Now fans are getting used to the fact that their favorite band now sing two girls. After this change in the team in social media began a never-ending discussion of new vocalists. Many enthusiastically adopted girls, some still can’t face the loss of Alice.

      New clip Alice VOX called fall of spring

      “I don’t know how Vasilisa, but Florida is very harmoniously blended into the team, feeding myself on stage I liked, and I was at the concert with VOX, and with the girls, so Florida “Patriot” sung with dignity, not losing anything! So one pot should burn for sure! About Vasey for some reason it does not seem a long time, you want the solo to go! Time will tell! The main thing that “Leningrad” has always remained”, “Cords – and mom and dad of the group! Respect the decision of the Director and the founder of the “Leningrad”! Critics divorced! And the girls-well done! In such a short time joined the group! The group with the girls as a whole!”, “I don’t like! Well, the “Leningrad” is Sergey Shnurov! All! All the rest, going, coming!” – spoke fans.

      Новые солистки «Ленинграда» не конкурируют между собой

      But the criticism hit Vasilisa and FL react very calmly. They understand that it will take time for viewers accustomed to the fact that they are now new members of the team. The girls hope that they can become worthy members of the band gradually and would justify the hope of Sergey Shnurov and all the fans.

      “People are really sensitive to everything new. We are, in principle, were ready. When it came to his first concert, one of eight million viewers was not aware that in the group of new girls that Alice VOX no longer sings in “Leningrad”. We then, by the way, was quite comfortable, if it should be, all as usual,” said Florida in an interview with “Saturday Rambler”.

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