New scandal surrounding the “Eurovision”!

Новый скандал вокруг «Евровидения»!
Yulia Samoylova said the head of the organizing Committee of the international song contest.

Julia Samoylova

Photo: the First channel

If Ukraine officially refused entry to the participant of “Eurovision” from Russia
Yulia Samoylova, European broadcasting Union “try to ensure”,
to Russia one way or another took part in the competition, promised in an interview
the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel, the head of the organizing Committee Frank-Dieter Freiling.

“If the decision to ban entry to the Russian candidate
will remain in force, the European broadcasting Union will try to ensure that
Russia managed to take part,” said Frayling. He also said,
official statements from the Ukrainian authorities has not yet been reported.

In addition, the head of the organizing Committee commented
the suggestion of Kiev’s readiness to accept the other, politically correct, party from
Russia. “Let’s wait for Ukraine to make the final decision in this
respect,” said Frayling, noting that after this will be discussed
further action.

He explained that all performers who have passed competitive
the selection can participate are
rules. Freiling noted that even before Kiev decided to
against Russian candidate, Moscow, unlike others, is not
reserved places to stay. “For its part, Russia should clearly
to indicate that participation in the form in which we make it possible, it will be
adopted,” — said Frayling.

Earlier it became known that Kiev said about the readiness
make any other participant from Russia on “the Eurovision”.

Julia Samoylova was supposed to represent Russia at
“Eurovision-2017” with the song “the Flame Is Burning”, but she was denied entry
on the territory of Ukraine from-for performances in the Crimea.