Новый скандал на шоу «Танцы. Битва сезонов»
The winner’s name was leaked to the final.


Photo: @migelshow (Miguel’s Instagram)

May 28 will be the final of the new season of one of
the most popular show on Russian TV — “Dancing” on TNT. The creators
how could I keep the intrigue, but, alas, did not work: the name of the winner of “battle of the seasons” appeared on the Internet. The most powerful and talented party for two
stage “Dancing” on TNT was recognized as a semifinalist of the 1st season Anton Panufnik. If
we believe the data that appears on the Network, won Panufnik, second place received
Julian Bucholz and the third Maxim Nesterovich.

The best dancer was recognized as participant of the 6th season of the Ukrainian
show “everybody Dance!” and a semifinalist of the 1st
season of “Dancing,” the 24-year-old Anton Panufnik. The figure is highly ambiguous, and
appealing to many fans of the project.

Recall, just a “battle of the seasons” was attended by 20 participants
of the first and second seasons of the show, who were divided into two teams —
Miguel and Yegor Druzhinin. Panufnik played for the team of Miguel. By the way, Panufnik was the most popular
participant in the 1st season of “Dancing”. Here are just a spectator sympathies was
not enough, and the guy flew to the finals, and the winner was the dancer from
Orenburg region Ilshat Shabayev.

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