New scandal of Kim Kardashian

Новый скандал с Ким Кардашьян

It is proved that Kim Kardashian will do anything for notable scenes in the social network. She sometimes uses photoshop to give a harmony on the photo and removing the flaws. This time it drew in photoshop, but not easy. The public said that the star used the editor for daughter North!

Новый скандал с Ким Кардашьян

Popular instagram accounts that expose fake celebrity photos. This time the “victim”, who exposed the craftsmen, became Kim. In the account there was a photo of Kim with children, which she recently put in my profile, and its original version. Kim was caught in the fact that she gave a little harmony, and the tone of her skin became lighter.

The network against Kim launched a campaign, saying that Kardashian has already gone too far. But a close source to the star told the portal Dailymail, Kim would never fotocopia daughter. The source also added that Kardashian is very often repost photos that have edited by the fans. Perhaps it was the fans to blame for such a difference between the original and the photo on instagram. And the skin became lighter because of the simple filters, which lighten the whole photo.

Now, the family Kardashian suck no time for any scandals in the network, because the other day they barely saved his house from a fire! On Friday the star the family had to evacuate from his luxury mansion in hidden hills because of the massive fires that occurred in California. Kanye and Kim is so worried about his home, even hired a private fire brigade.

A squad of firefighters immediately surrounded the mansion, which (for a minute) worth $ 60 million, an earthen ditches. They did not allow the fire to approach the building. In the end the forest fires that burned the property of Kathleen Jenner and Gerard Butler, passed.

By the way, Kim and Kanye will be a long time grateful neighbors. General description the firefighters not only saved by his actions to the mansion of the stars, but coming home.

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