New “relative” Prince turned out to be a liar

Новый «родственник» Принса оказался лгуном

Trehsotmillionnogo as the Prince does not rest nor his relatives nor the charlatans who want to earn easy money. So, after the death of legendary artist and composer began, as if mushrooms after a rain, to appear his unknown relatives. One of them is a man named Roscoe Motes said that it is the brother of the Prince. Supposedly he found out that is the brother of the star from her own father. Roscoe even had the audacity to sue, stating his claim to the inheritance. That this is a blatant lie, said the foster mother of rogue.

“Roscoe Motes – my adopted child, and he claims that Henwood Kay Nelson, who happens to be my husband, is the biological father, and Prince Roger Nelson. It’s just a rumor and is not true. We are not the relatives of the Prince,” the woman said and added that the whole family is very upset and does his best to refute the rumors spread.
“The family of the Prince, and so had suffered to have a problem with Roscoe. My husband’s never been to Minneapolis and may not have a father to Prince. We in no way want to upset the family of a musician and apologize for what makes Roscoe” the woman said.

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