Новые проблемы в семействе Анджелины Джоли
Star wife at it again…

Новые проблемы в семействе Анджелины Джоли

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

As reported by the overseas edition of US Weekly, Angelina Jolie
decided to sell the castle, which once played a wedding with pitt. Don’t like it at brad. And since Jolie insists on selling, the couple
again started to fight.

Pitt likes of Chateau Mirval, not only because of
sentimental memories. He has invested in the reconstruction of the castle very serious
the amount and not the fact that he will be able to return it at the sale. Besides, brad
active uses adjacent to the estate vineyards — they have become the Foundation
for the production of its own brand of rose wine, which launched actor.

As for Angelina, she wants
to get rid of the castle on its grounds. The fact that Jolie is claimed to
set out to make a political career in Britain, where she lives in
now. As reported by the British Internet-portal Mail Online, Jolie, allegedly, wants to become
a member of Parliament to more effectively promote humanitarian
programs that she gives so much time and effort. And since Angelina is not going to live in France, the castle is now an extra burden. Besides, for him to pay huge taxes.

In the end the obvious conflict of interests of the wife again
I started to fight. None of them wants to concede, and tension in the family
growing. As if they were little quarrels because of jealousy Jolie to her
wife… Because, as you wrote to foreign media reports, Angelina is very worried about
the alleged flirting of brad and actress Marion Cotillard in the film “Five
moments of silence”. Meanwhile, as already
reported, constant quarrels in the family began to have a negative impact
six children of the spouses.

Chateau Miraval

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