New pregnancy Anna Kalashnikova sparked condemnation and criticism

Новая беременность Анны Калашниковой вызвала осуждение и критику
It is now official: the model will soon become a mother for the second time.

Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: @Instagram annakalash Anna Kalashnikova

The fact of the pregnancy Anna Kalashnikova has been confirmed. The model announced to the whole country that soon she will become a mother. She did it in the Studio program “Let them talk”. Fearing that she would not believe Anna was in the air “check” on the ultrasound. It turned out that Kalashnikov was indeed pregnant with a second child.

Rumors that Anna is in the position have appeared recently. Fans noticed that she had a day “getting a belly”. Kalashnikov these assumptions are then not denied and not confirmed.

The identity of the father of the future baby Anna prefers to hide. However, some time ago, she attributed the affair with the son of Larisa Kopenkina — Yuri Bezzubova. Kalashnikov previously shared a joint photo with him on instagram and sparked rumors about the affair.

Interestingly, Bezzubov is the son of ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin — ex-boyfriend Kalashnikova. The singer has lived in marriage with Kopenkina two years.

Reaction to the news about the pregnancy of Anna, by the way, was quite aggressive. “Again? Soap Opera will start first? And so on to infinity and will give birth for the sake of public attention?”, “Tired already! it was something more original to invent?” — turn the fans to Kalashnikova.