New photos of Kylie Jenner in a bathing suit and her three-month daughter

Новые фото Кайли Дженнер в купальнике и ее трехмесячной дочери

At the moment Kylie Jenner enjoy the holiday in the Turks and Caicos Islands along with her three-month old daughter of Stormy and her boyfriend Travis Scott. The reason for the trip was the birthdays of the past: the day before yesterday, the rapper turned 26 and the next day he and Kylie celebrated the birth of their child – Stormy turned three months old.

Новые фото Кайли Дженнер в купальнике и ее трехмесячной дочери

Kylie on the right track, because her figure had almost returned to its former state. She showed the forms to swimsuit on the Sunny photos.

Kylie recently gave an interview to my sister Kim for the newspaper Evening Standard, speaking about motherhood. She notes that motherhood has changed some of its qualities in the best way.

“Everyone says that child birth changes a woman. All so, but I feel only changes for the better. I became less selfish. I like to change diapers, because it is nice to monitor the cleanliness. All this amazing experience! Of course, there are difficulties, for example, anxiety at night. In addition, I find it hard to part with Stormy. Soon would come the time when she can go with me everywhere,” said Kylie.

Also the star of instagram explained the choice of baby names. “Stormy’s father claims that he chose that name, but really, I am. We thought about the storm, but it seemed to me, the word is not very suitable, so there were Stormy. We had other names but I feel that his name daughter chose it,” added Kylie.

But one thing has not changed motherhood is a sense of style Kylie. Even a simple walk with your child celebrity dressed in the latest fashion trends – outfit Italian fashion house Fendi. In the stroller of the same brand was a little Stormy.

Looking at the photos, fans cheering the stars — the mother is trying to spend more time with the baby. Earlier in the media went the news that the young Kylie was too young for motherhood and unable to cope with responsibilities. Family members are happy to help the girl to cope with maternal responsibilities, but as reported by insiders — is not enough. Kylie had hired a nanny to help her care for her daughter, even though it had previously assured the public that will cope without her.

“At first Kylie wanted Chris and sister helped her… Chris spent a lot of time in the apartment of his daughter, when she returned with the firstborn,” — said the insider.