Новые фотографии Энрике Иглесиаса с детьми собрали рекордное количество лайков

Новые фотографии Энрике Иглесиаса с детьми собрали рекордное количество лайков

Every weekend singer Enrique Iglesias tries to spend with their children. Most recently, the twins Nicholas and Lucy was 2 years. Playing with the kids, share a lot of interesting photos, which he periodically shared with fans on the social network Instagram. Every new picture is a real delight to subscribers, but here’s the latest photos no one could not pass.

Recently Enrique once again showed the network how to look like the perfect weekend, father and children. Really this post contains just two photographs. At first Iglesias lying on the green grass, and the twins with a brave face around him. The frame is accompanied by the hashtag “rest”.

But the second picture shows Lucy during water treatment. The singer with her daughter swim in the huge pool, which looks out over the open ocean. The frame is truly impressive, but Lucy was eclipsed by the beauty of nature in her sweet gesture. Dad reaches out to kiss her, and she angrily put the pen and forbids him to show affection. “Please, no more kissing”- with humor signed photograph of Enrique.

Such a touching scene, and no less touching signature from a loving dad, could not remain indifferent to all subscribers Iglesias. In a matter of minutes has already scored thousands of likes and a huge number of enthusiastic reviews.

It is worth Recalling that the Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova and Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias met in 2001 during filming of the clip. Anna at the time was the main character of the video clip. From the moment they began their relationship. In 2017 Kournikova Iglesias gave two beautiful twins. The couple kept secret the birth of children, and only in 2018 for the first time the singer said at the concert about the joyous event in their family. In Budapest, being on stage, he confessed his love to the kids and his girlfriend.

Note that celebrities are in a relationship for a long time, and the rings on the ring finger of Anne’s changed a huge amount. But officially no one has ever said about the wedding. One day in the fall of 2018, Enrique gave an interview and the first time in my life called kournikova his wife. He said that the children were able to strengthen their marriage, and also made their love life better.

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