Новые Оксимирон и Гнойный сойдутся в баттле
At the time, the rap battle between Oximorons and Purulent made a lot of noise and gave a start to new fights.

Новые Оксимирон и Гнойный сойдутся в баттле

So December 1 at the legendary “Gorbushkin court,” a festival of sports and street subcultures for all concerned to an active lifestyle, music, dance and martial arts.

The festival was called “Here and Now” and is supported by the Federal Agency for youth Affairs “Rosmolodezh”. According to the organizers, he recreates the atmosphere of the yard, where the children Express themselves with friends and peers: I train and compete in martial arts, play soccer, dance and read rap. The basic principle of the festival is the competition form of competition – namely, the battle. After all, it determines who is faster, stronger and cooler right here and now!

Dance battles 1v1 will gather on linoleum those ready to impress the audience and judges. Participants are not restricted in their Arsenal and can use any of the modern dances: hip-hop, house, breaking, funk styles, vogue, contemp, etc.

Visitors will be able to participate in a Rap Freestyle battle. Host and curator of the festival of the lion RE-pac Kiselev, the Creator of the first Russian school freestyle – gives themes, and participants must disclose it in your statement. The first round is the qualification format, the results of which participants are in the battle. The second battle 1v1 on the Olympic system. Do not use a prepared text and foul language. According to the results of the audience voting three winners of the match will record the joint Manifesto of the festival in the form of short one-minute video, with the obligatory use of the name “Here and Now”.

Новые Оксимирон и Гнойный сойдутся в баттле

Lovers of street football awaits RAPP. Perhaps the most fashionable trend of street football freestyle 1v1 today. The main highlight – rule “proposinga ball” between the legs of the opponent. If the ball slipped between the legs of the opponent, is a knockout. We have the best technical elements of handling the ball, head the tricks and masterful feints, which you should be able to do in order to play the ball between the legs of the opponent. Panna will help to improve your technique. A parallel with football battles in the area of military disciplines will be a dynamic Street Workout battle 1vs1 will take place on the principle of high-speed exercise, utilizing not less than 5 years of development of physical qualities: strength, agility, coordination, stamina, and speed.

Martial arts of the fitness club Fitness Fusion*** will hold in the Boxing ring and tatami competitions on Sambo-wrestling, karate, Boxing and its varieties. You are waiting for master classes and performances from the Russian fighter and master of sports of mixed martial arts Vladimir Mineeva, a multiple winner of the title of European and world Championships version of organizations such as WKA, WAKO-Pro, WKN and WBKF, and Leonid Gatovskiy – President ADCC Russia, the founder of the club “Leon” and Russia’s first holder of black belt in Brazilian JIU-jitsu (BJJ). This extraordinary athlete has had a colossal influence on the development of this martial art in our country and educated many worthy athletes.

Новые Оксимирон и Гнойный сойдутся в баттле

To welcome the participants and award winners will be President of the “Fight NightsGlobal”, winner of the world Cup of JIU-jitsu, champion of Moscow in combat Sambo, master of sports of international class Abdurashidovich Kamil Gadzhiyev and the master of sports of international class and multiple world champion in kickboxing Middleweight Batu Sergeevich Hasikov.

Новые Оксимирон и Гнойный сойдутся в баттле

After awarding the winners of the festival’s programme will finish the final concert, where the audience expects the performance of the winners of the most relevant rap battles and TV music projects.

So, everyone show off “Here and Now” invite December 1 at 12:00 at the address: Moscow, Bagrationovsky proezd, Dom 7, korp. 1, hypermall “Gorbushkin Dvor”.

+7 495 665 46 11 MON-FRI+7 964 519 23 97 SAT-SUN, [email protected]

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