Новая «Мисс Вселенная» попросила всех следить за своим ртом
The world famous competition was won by 23-year-old dental student.

Iris Is A Friendly And Informal

The world decided to name the new “first beauty”:
yesterday 23-year-old Frenchwoman, dental student, iris is a friendly and informal received the title of “Miss

In his dossier provided prior to the competition,
she noted that in case of victory will actively promote hygiene
of the oral cavity. Commenting on his victory, beauty said consider it would be an honor
to be in the top three finalists and the final was stunned the first place. And now —
true. Victory in the hands of iris, and hundreds of thousands by her beauty frozen in
expectation: of course, mouths open.

In the competition this year was attended by 86 girls.
The friendly and informal received the crown from the hands of the winner of 2015 — Filipina FDI

“Beauty is inside the person. To be kind, to have
moral values, to be confident, but admit your shortcomings
so I work on myself in order to be beautiful,” — said the new “Miss