New mentors “5” can become Sergey Shnurov and Masha Rasputina

Новыми наставниками «Голос-5″ могут стать Сергей Шнуров и Маша Распутина

The new season of talent show “the Voice” will start with a big reshuffle. As you know, from participation in the project has refused the singer Pelageya (her fans suspected pregnancy. They say, because she is quickly “jumped” to marry your lover). The participation in the new season Alexander Gradsky and even Grigory Leps.

While viewers and fans of the show wondering who will be on the judging Quartet, journalist and TV presenter Sergei Asarin offered his version four.

Or rather, Sergei proposed to introduce in the show Sergei Shnurov and Masha Rasputin. “Instead of the Leps I have put a Cord among zapikannye Mata will be difficult to understand what he thought of the speech. Instead Polina Gagarina – Masha Rasputin” – he wrote in his blog.

According to Sergei, the more outrageous the show, the more interesting it is for the viewer. Because who-who, and Rasputin and the Cords of the outrageous will provide in abundance.

Note that if you follow the logic Asarina, in the judges ‘ chair could be, and Sergei Zverev. The king of glamour in vain written off. Though perhaps in time he will not because he wants to go on “Eurovision-2017”, because himself will devote to training.

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