Новому наставнику шоу «Танцы» признались в любви
The famous television project heat up of passion.

In the fourth season of the show dancing with the stars, which kicks off on TNT already
August 19, a new coach took over. Is Yegor Squad, who left the show to
the project was joined by choreographer Tatiana Denisova. Change in the composition
mentors from the first issue was to bring the most unexpected results.

Casting in Ekaterinburg came to an end when on stage
appeared burning brunette with a bouquet of roses. Suddenly, instead of submit
your dance, he descended from the stage and went to the jury.

The flowers were intended for Tatiana Denisova. Miguel and Sergei Svetlakov asked him to come back, leave the coach alone
focusing on my own dance.
The man agreed, but getting up on stage to the bewilderment of the audience,
first sang, and then invited Tatiana to slow dance. Tatiana
accepted the invitation and went on stage.

A contender for the team of Tatiana Denisova
a Ural businessman working in yachting. In addition to the colors,
beautiful hair and beautiful songs in his Arsenal, a winning smile and a huge
personal 26-foot yacht.