New member “SEREBRO” has become a SMASH

Новым участником «SEREBRO» стал SMASH
The producer of the group Maxim Fadeev decided on a bold experiment.

Новым участником «SEREBRO» стал SMASH

The band “Serebro” in the new structure

Photo: Press-service “Serebro”

The producer of the group “Serebro” Maxim Fadeev solved the problem with the new
a member of their famous trio. The third member of the group will become male. And do not anyhow how, and Smash! The famous musician, whose real name is Andrew Sherman, he invited the girls from the group themselves as a soloist.

New singer of the band “Serebro” DJ Smash

Photo: Press-service “Serebro”

“This is an unexpected but very pleasant turn for our
team, — says Olga Seryabkina. — Not so long ago at the concert in Vilnius
we joked with Andrew about how it would be cool to start a common project. And
just the other day, when he learned about the casting for the group, recalled that he
still don’t mind becoming part of our team. Group SEREBRO has always been a female trio,
and we have not taken the suggestion seriously until I consulted with max. And
then, to everyone’s surprise, Max agreed, if this global experiment.
Soon we will be surprised”.

Smash, in turn, delighted with his new job.
“We communicated with Olga on the subject of creativity, — said Andrey. I always liked
the format of the group “Serebro”, and I would be very interested to work in a new
yourself direction. Soon wait our new track “Come here,
the beast”.

We will remind, the lead singer of Darya Shashina left the project “SEREBRO” due to serious health problems.

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