New lover Anastasia Makeeva did not like her friends

Новый возлюбленный Анастасии Макеевой не понравился её друзьям
The actress asks for advice from fans.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: @makeevan Instagram Anastasia Makeeva

Anastasia Makeeva were faced with a difficult choice: maintain old friendships or to continue an affair with a new lover?Recently, the artist often alludes to the fans: she had a normal personal life. Next to it there is finally the man who managed to gain her attention. That’s just the beginning of a relationship pair was marred by an unpleasant fact: not all friends Anastasia equally warmly responded to the advent of her life, specifically this man. His name she does not disclose, but asks fans advice: what to do in this situation?

“Recently I read an expression “I have asked God to deliver me from my enemies and began to notice that began to be friends.”.. Can it be so difficult or too easy? Here is one, for example, he can take and assess the second half of your friend? Or is it unacceptable? But if this is the norm, in what form? Or, for example, the friend may abandon a friendship with you if he doesn’t like who you build relationships? — shared thoughts Makeeva in social networks. Or for example, how much time people should give to a friend and your soulmate? So many difficulties and balance disorders. How to be a good friend and build their happiness?»

By the way, Makeev lost a gift, a gift to her new boyfriend. Anastasia was of the view that this is not just an unfortunate accident, and, perhaps, a sign. “That’s when you lose a wedding ring or something symbolic… Do you believe that, having lost such a thing, it is possible to prejudge the outcome of the relationship?”writes the actress in the microblog.

Recall that the ex-husband Makeeva — Gleb Matveichuk soon after the divorce, found happiness. Chosen one artist became Elena Glazkova.

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