New love? Victoria Dayneko caught during a romantic date

Новая любовь? Викторию Дайнеко засняли во время романтического свидания
The singer is afraid that the fans may be deprived of her personal life.

Photo: Instagram

It seems that the personal life of Victoria Dayneko finally began to improve. Last year the singer has split from her husband Dmitry Kleiman, and then another several months was their “showdown”. Victoria wrote posts about what a musician is a bad husband and father — and then deleted them. Dmitry, in turn, thanked the ex-husband for her daughter, trying not to pay attention to her accusations. Later, however, broke down and gave a “scathing” interview about his life with the singer. But it is, by the way, not too upset. In social networks and at events the singer was beaming with happiness. Now I understand why.

That singer goes out of the public told her fans. Some of them were sitting at the table with Victoria and her lover, caught them together, and then published online, noting Dayneko photo.

Vick is, of course, not very much. “That’s straight with a guy to dinner without photos in stories. All the suitors scare me like that!” — she complained.

Dayneko — not a supporter to shout on all corners about his personal life, as for PR doing some of her colleagues. On the contrary, everything she holds dear, she tries to hide from human eyes. So, despite the fact that her daughter Victoria has two and a half years, no one still did not see the girl. The singer even did not disclose to the public her name! And in this too there are reasons. Recently, the star said that her try lime with black magic.

“They burn Church candles next to my door, pour the ashes in the mailbox room of my apartment — said Victoria. — Don’t they realize that all the bad things they want me, sooner or later will come back to him?! Now you understand why I’m not going to show my daughter. It can be very dangerous!”