Новая жизнь Селин Дион

Famous canadian singer Celine Dion gives interviews infrequently, but the other day she agreed to talk about his new life the popular Elle glossy. Celebrity only 51 years, she shared how it copes with the emptiness after her husband’s death, and how it responds to comments of the press and fans.
Новая жизнь Селин Дион

Fame is hard work, the public does not want to see suffering, pain, so celebrities can sometimes be very difficult to hide your feelings behind a smile. Celine Dion this is not adhered to, she proved that great pop diva can live as she wants and feels.

The first thing about what she shared with the magazine is the death of her loved one, her husband Rene Angelil. Men do not become in 2016, and immediately after his death, Celine for itself decided that it did not go anywhere, he always was, and will be around. “It is very painful to lose the love of his life. However, I’m fine now, because I see Renee every night in my dreams. My husband next to me, just a little different. It is part of me, he always sings with me” — shared the singer.

On Celine Dion spoke about his observation, she was sure, real life does not begin at 18, and not even 30, but only after 50. After the big anniversary she received many invitations to different projects, but my head is brewing plans and dreams.

And she really started a new phase in life after 50 years. Celine recorded a new album, attending fashion shows, traveled extensively, studied history. “I allowed myself to live to the fullest. In my youth, I only sang. Vocal chords ruled my life. I was a singer and all. Sure, ahead I only have the best years of your life” — I’m sure a celebrity.

As for her current life, she wouldn’t be able to keep silent about the criticism from the press and, gaiaonlinecom. After her bold appearances in Paris for fashion week, the Internet just exploded from the amount of headlines about her thinness. She can’t pretend she doesn’t care for those comments. But the singer is confident she has reached the age when you can look like her really like her, not to ask for a pardon. “Well, thanks to L’oreal Paris I can help other women to raise self esteem to say that they too are strong, beautiful and deserve only the best” — says the singer. It is worth noting that in 2019 (at 51) Celine Dion became the official face of the brand L’oreal Paris.

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