Новая установка для горизонтально-направленного задавливания шпунтов

New installation modification USSG capable of developing pressure up to 1000 tons. Used this unit for horizontal zadavlivaniya into the soil pipe with a diameter of 1720 mm and piles up to 1200 mm.

Started the production of innovative Assembly modification USSG 1000/4000 “BEAVER”. The main purpose of installation — horizontal, static nadavlivanie in different soil types of welded tubular pile with a diameter in the range of millimeters 720-1020, pipes (1020-1720 millimeters) of the pile and cell-box. The maximum working force can reach 1000 tons.

The device USSG 1000/4000

“BEAVER” is composed of 2 blocks: timing and power. The drive unit is a block-container on the carrying frame which is mounted diesel engine, oil reservoir with filtration system, various sensors, automation, control devices, control and measurement processes. Also has a self contained cooling scheme of pumping equipment, diesel generator for preheating of hydraulic oil. To ensure efficient operation at low temperatures drive unit equipped with a heat gun.

The structure of the power unit includes such components as valves (power and control), safety valves, couplings, ball valves. The main working bodies of the installation consists of five hydraulic cylinders that rest on the base plate with one hand and push with the other. The hydraulic cylinders are located at the vertices of a Pentagon as the base plate.

Read more about the structure of the unit for horizontal zadavlivaniya model USSG 1000/4000 “BEAVER” can be found on the website http://www.e-eng.ru/.

Features of operation USSG 1000/4000

Removal and installation of the unit is via a cargo crane. For precise positioning, position adjustment is used, the hydraulic outriggers.

The office power unit installation can be carried out with a stationary panel, located on the front surface of the drive module or remotely, at a distance of thirty meters from the unit. And with remote, and with a stationary control unit enables accurate adjustment efforts, control over the parameters of the processes. Also, both control devices are equipped with buttons “accident”, immediately terminating the workflow. When you press any button on the second one of the remotes turns off automatically.

Adjusting the flow rate of the working fluid takes place directly on the power unit using hydraulic control valves.

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