New “Indiana Jones” will be a continuation of the “Kingdom of the crystal skull”

Новый «Индиана Джонс» станет продолжением «Королевства хрустального черепа»

The fifth film is about a Professor of archeology Indiana Jones acquires new details. Today revealed some plot details, which allows us to assume that the premiere is not long to wait.

According to Variety, the fifth “Indiana Jones” will be a prequel not the whole story, as it was supposed earlier, and will be a continuation of the previous series “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull” (2008).

Frank Marshall, producer of the franchise, admitted that in the future hoping for some more adventure pictures about Jones, however, provided that it will perform no one except Harrison Ford.

I think we won’t be going the way of James bond. Indiana Jones is an iconic character, and I can’t imagine anyone but Ford in the role. The same applies to the franchise about Jason Bourne, we now also work”, — stated in the message.

How much is enough Ford. The fact that the actor is already 73 years old and he every year more and more difficult to perform any tricks, even if their number is minimized.

Fans of the franchise even make fun of the fact that the film is about the search of antiquities removed the actor, who himself could easily be fossil: “Indiana should be the finder of antiquities, and not the good in the archaeological Museum exhibits!” — quipped one of the Internet users.

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