Новый казус на концерте Бейонсе и Джей Зи в рамках тура On The Run II

World tour star spouses beyoncé and Jay Z On The Run II now at transfer point in Atlanta, where performers rest from turbulent emotions at a concert. Such a large number of speakers and the huge stadium filled with fans, should be carefully guarded by security. During the performances, everything is possible! Concert beyoncé and Jay-Z is no exception.

Новый казус на концерте Бейонсе и Джей Зи в рамках тура On The Run II

At concerts of stars always hovers very special atmosphere of drive and adrenaline. A married couple is laid out in full, and the tracks they particularly incendiary. The conclusion of the concert in Atlanta was a new song Apesh-t. Beyonce and Jay-Z graduated from the performance and went backstage, but one of the fans was not going to let go of their idols. He came on the scene and rushed at the stars. The dancers, which consisted of more than a dozen men and women immediately realized what was happening, but realizing the danger, immediately ran over a fan. Then it took the security and gave the intruder.

Later the situation was commented by the representative of the stars. He said that the fan was drunk, and that was the reason for such courage. Nothing bad happened, so the performers are not to make any claims. The tour continues on the same schedule.

Recall that this is not the first incident occurred in the round. July 1, Saturday, another concert took place in Warsaw. During the performance, suspension design is stuck in the air, along with Beyonce. No need to panic! Star was rescued using ladders. The stage was framed unit, on which the singer could not tread. She was in big boots and was afraid I would fall down the stairs. But with the support of fans, the singer still managed to go down and the concert continued as if nothing had happened.

Chic concerts Beyonce loves the audience, but who suspected that the singer is a real star disease? 64-year-old Lawson Tina Knowles, mother of singer Beyonce, earlier gave an interview to a leading Maria Shriver about star-struck daughter. As a child, her daughter didn’t get along. Beyonce went crazy from the increased attention of the younger sisters, of which mother had to take the children to a therapist. Helped? “I took them to counseling at an early age to a psychologist could help Beyonce to be more lenient with Solange,” explained Knowles Lawson. “She couldn’t stand another minute with her. You know, they were young, Solange wanted to be with a Bi, tried to communicate with her friends, and Beyonce is incredibly annoying, it placed itself above sisters. I spent a lot of time for my girls to understand that there are other people that need to worry. I think it’s really important.”