New husband of Alena Kravets was Greek

Новым мужем Алены Кравец оказался грек In the registry office there was confusion with the names. Alena Kravets immediately noticed a problem. As it turned out, her husband Greek nationality, and that the couple had some problems.
Новым мужем Алены Кравец оказался грек

A few weeks ago Alena Kravets surprised fans that went down the aisle. She re-married ex-wife Ruslana, with whom he parted ways with the scandal. however, the socialite with time realized that this man is her destiny.

Recall that the model and singer were married in early June. However, in the Tver registry office found that the potential spouse was not a Russian, and Greek citizenship. Alena frankly told “StarHit” what happened.

“Last name Kravets was originally from Ruslan, – said the “StarHit” Alena. – I got her during our first marriage almost ten years ago. After the divorce was left as the daughter Daniella is the same. Usually, if the child and mother are different names, there is a lot of problems with documents. And not even suspected during the time that we Ruslan did not speak, he acquired the citizenship of Greece! This fact became clear at the Registrar’s office. In the end I decided a long time not to understand, and he just took my-my name… is such a confusion have occurred. But anyway, now we all three Kravets”.
Новым мужем Алены Кравец оказался грек

Recall that Alena Kravets became famous a year and a half ago, when the whole country had spread the terrible story: a millionaire Ruslan because of jealousy beat ex-wife, model and singer Alena Kravets. Supposedly after the divorce it was agreed: tycoon leaves house to the wife provided that she will not be led men. But one day a businessman caught a woman in the company of the photographer could not resist… Alena did not even have time to explain that it was her friend and colleague, with whom he was going to go to a social event. In the end, the woman stayed at home with a black eye.

Alena cried in broadcast programs, worried that it all happened in front of their total daughter Danielle. However, as it turned out, time heals all wounds: Ruslan not only begged forgiveness from the beloved, but again, made her an offer hands and hearts ring with diamond in six carats. The wedding took place on 1 June in the Tver registry office of Moscow. The ceremony was attended by only the closest pair. After exchanging vows, the couple went to the mansion on the ruble, where he arranged a festive dinner for the family.

“The daughter of us closer together, adds model. They love each other, my heart bleeds when I see Danielle suffer without a dad. And when I realized that it was chase, then delighted. Ruslan behaved like a real man. A hundred times asked for forgiveness, dust we blew, gave an exclusive tour abroad. Realized that many did not appreciate in the past and he is the man of my destiny from which no escape”.

After the ceremony, in a narrow range, the pair made a feast for all the friends, among whom were actress Regina männik, designer Lala Gainutdinova and many others.

Ruslan not once argued to Allen that loves and lives for it. So he recently presented it with a real Arabian horse for 40 thousand Euro. At the moment Alena is defined with the name of the pet. Plans to call in honor of the famous horse by the name of Doubloon. While Krawiec builds a stables, a horse kept in a special enclosure on the ruble near their home.

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