New hosts of “Revizorro” steel Temnikova Lena and Timur Rodriguez

Новыми ведущими «Ревизорро» стали Лена Темникова и Тимур Родригез
The star helped Lena Flying in checking hotels and restaurants.

Новыми ведущими «Ревизорро» стали Лена Темникова и Тимур Родригез

Elena Volatile and Lena Temnikova

Photo: “Friday!”

For a new test of the capital’s hotels and restaurants
a leading TV channel “Friday!” Elena Letuchaya invited their celebrity friends.
Timur Rodriguez and Elena Temnikova not only coped well with the role
“auditors”, but even managed to surprise experienced leadership.

Rodriguez got the difficult task. The singer had not just to go to
one of the most expensive Moscow restaurants, and to test its employees for
loyalty and hospitality. Ridiculous pants, moustache and a blue coat
turned the star of the show-business outrageous crazy city. The
at least, Timur managed without problems to go in a restaurant and even order the
expensive dishes on the menu. Only here to try the food the singer failed.

For Elena
Temnikova leading “Revizorro,” prepared for another job. Somehow star
said that loves to stay in hotels, and she every time checks
your room for cleanliness. Elena Letuchaya invited the singer to move into Suite
four-star hotel and conduct check together.

“I always thought that I’m fastidious and meticulous.
Before I met Lena Temnikova,” commented the test

Timur Rodrigez and presenter

Photo: “Friday!”