Новая прическа Дуа Липа этой осенью

Новая прическа Дуа Липа этой осенью

This fall Dua Lipa surprised his fans with a new hairstyle. The British singer has broken up with his black hair and turned quite a pretty, blonde.

Just in time for the new fall season, 24-year-old Dua Lipa in his speech on 1 October in new York debuted with blond hair. When the Duo arrived to the show with her boyfriend 20 – year-old Anwar Hadid, the singer, who rarely changes the color of their hair, not learned. Dua Magnifier for a very long period of time has not changed her black hair color and hairstyle “short Bob”. Now the same Lime almost platinum blonde, her hair color is a little otenet strawberries. Always perfectly smooth hair Dua now adorns a light wave. Linden was dressed in black shorts high waist leather, blue top with an open neckline and shoulders.

Новая прическа Дуа Липа этой осеньюDua was very excited about her new hairstyle by posting a slideshow to Instagram where she is posing in front of the mirror with my new hair with a beach wave. In the photo they looked very red. A series of photographs by Linden signed: “a New era! Thank you for your patience.
See you soon, your Dua Lipa — 2″. We assume that her new hair is nothing but the beginning of a new project of the singer, apparently it gives to understand your fan of Lime.

Fans liked the new image of a star. New photo Dua received millions of responses in a network. Followers of the singer leave a lot of positive comments and throw celebrities huskies. “This color is perfect for fall,” said Nikki Lee,
famous hairstylist and co-owner of Nine Zero One salon. In an interview, Nikki spoke about the hottest trends in hair color. “Lately, all asking me to do a hair lighter. Preference is given to a Golden hue, and sometimes of fire.” How can
notice that more and more celebrities this fall to become a little lighter.

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