New girl or old mistress: what is Ben Affleck trying to hide the friend

Новая девушка или старая любовница: что Бен Аффлек пытается скрыть о подруге The actor explains that he’s Lindsay Sukus only three months, but sources in Hollywood are sure – this novel at least three years. On the sidelines there is talk about the secret lovers ‘ trysts in far 2013.
Новая девушка или старая любовница: что Бен Аффлек пытается скрыть о подруге

In mid-July, 44-year-old actor is finally brought to light new beloved. With Lindsay Sukus, who works in the production team of the TV show Saturday Night Live (“Live Saturday night”), he had Breakfast in the coffee shop near her Los Angeles residence. As 37-year-old lady lives and works in new York, it is easy to assume that during this visit she stayed with Ben.

“First and foremost, Lindsey went to Los Angeles to work-related issues, said her friends. – And at the same time to visit a boyfriend.” You only find out when it was found a notorious time for work problems. Lindsay came to Ben’s on Friday, spent the weekend in Las Vegas, and on Monday continued to travel slowly in his car in the City of angels, clearly not dressed for business meetings. However, if Sukus and really waiting for “legalization” of these relations more than three years, her desire to forget about everything and enjoy the moment can understand.

Was or was not?

Ben drew attention to Lindsay, it was filmed for her TV show in may 2013. In SNL, there is a practice to invite stars as a temporary leading: Affleck took his fifth and last edition of the program, and an attractive blonde gave him valuable guidance. In a month, while in transit in new York, Ben stealthily invited Lindsay to join him at a social event at the club Stone Rose Lounge. Out with friends and they headed to the bar at the Mandarin Oriental. At this stage the story is covered by fog, from which two roads lead – and not very decent.

According to the official version, after a few drinks, Ben and Lindsey assured each other in deep sympathy, and who went to the hotel, who home. At that time, both were married and had no moral right to afford something bigger. In Los Angeles, Ben was waiting for a wife and mother of his three children Jennifer garner. And Lindsay lived in new York with her husband and daughter, which is not even a year old yet.

“Since arriving in her city, Ben definitely pulled Lindsay to Breakfast or to hang out, say the adherents of this theory. They were flirting, but not beyond”.

Unofficial version says that June evening 2013 Ben and Lindsay after a few drinks took a room for the night – the first of many.

“The novel spun immediately, say people familiar with the supporters of the second option. – And then they flew here and there to see. Often Ben found a reason to come to new York and rented the same room in the Mandarin Oriental. They are not hiding in the hotel they did a discount as regular customers”.


Новая девушка или старая любовница: что Бен Аффлек пытается скрыть о подруге

It was not long before the family relationship of Ben and Lindsey began to fall apart. First free yourself from the bonds of marriage decided the lady. In 2014, after twelve years of marriage, she pointed to the door her husband Kevin Miller, producer of popular TV show.

Ben was determined not so strong. From painful hesitation, to go or not, it in June 2015 delivered wife learns about husband’s affair with the nanny. Later, Jen said:

“When the naughty Ben opened, we have a few months did not live together. The cheating meant nothing, I was outraged that this affected children. They become attached to the nurse, worried that she was gone. I had to explain to them the essence of the scandal. But I Ben’t mad. People do stupid things. If they are then ashamed and hurt is punishment enough”.

Lindsay Sukus again appeared in this story in August of 2015, when the press is being discussed whether Ben to beg the wife a second chance. According to some sources, Jen was determined to forgive Ben. Even when I found out that in new York it has long there is one lady, who accidentally caught the mood of the sitter – a speck of dust in the wind.

Arriving in new York on business, the actress met with Lindsay. Women were superficially familiar, because garner also once starred in the SNL under the leadership of Mrs. Sukus. To please keep Ben’s family Lindsay refused, then Jen went to her husband, brought him up to date and showed evidence of treason. According to rumors, it was fragments of a love correspondence of Ben and Lindsey. But Kevin probably already has his operativa. He did not butt the traitor horns, which she did urge, and by April of this year and Jen refused to fight.

Now Ben claims that his friendship with Lindsey turned into a novel only after the filing of the divorce papers. “They explore new territory in the relationship,” say loyal friends of the actor whom no one in Hollywood believes.