Новое лицо: поклонники не узнали Тару Рид

It seems that the star has made another plastic.

Recent years, the appearance of the stars of “American pie” leaves much to be desired: haggard face, skinny body… Fans are calling Tara to stop to lose weight urgently weight gain or to refer to specialists. But 40-year-old star says that she is satisfied with her body.

In the early 2000s, when the world learned about Tara Reid, in her interview, you can find a lot of critical words in the address. The actress complained that dissatisfied with their body figure and even face! Then began a series of failed cosmetic procedures Containers.

A few days ago on the streets of Los Angeles stopped black zatonirovany machine, from which came a thin blonde. The witnesses took a few minutes to learn the woman TV star Tara Reid! Apparently, the actress in the pursuit of beauty and youth made another plastic.

Recall that Tara was always a slender woman, but constantly exhausting yourself diets, believing that her figure is not the standard. The actress once went to a psychologist to help her cope with depression. According to rumors, Reid even liposuction did!

Pictures of stars in Instagram shocked the audience: the body of the actress was draining very much, and fans assume that Tara suffers from anorexia.

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