New evidence of relationship Spartaka Mishulina and Timur Eremeeva

Появились новые доказательства родства Спартака Мишулина и Тимура Еремеева
Members of the Theater of Satire to tell the truth.

Timur Eremeev and Spartak Mishulin

The witness on the case about the illegitimate son
Spartaka Mishulina shared with evidence that could
to present in court.

The employee, who served in the Theater of Satire
for decades, confirms that Timur Eremeev is the son of people’s artist
Spartaka Mishulina. For certain reasons we are unable to provide complete
information about our interviewee. But it might confirm the words in court – and
she is ready to speak the truth!

The woman told
about mother of Timur Eremeeva Tatyana Anatolievna:

“I knew she was coming, girls
sit drank tea. The cakes she brought, – said the source. – Ask
whom you are. I say, “Well, come Spartakovskaya woman.” We and
called: “women of Spartacus”.

Our companion
confirmed that indeed, Mishulina was, in essence, two families.

“He was really family-oriented, where we
neither was on tour, he bought and shaft, and Karine, and the house had been in the house –
she says. – And again – and he told me he’d never hurt
that family. And when before his death, we talked about it, it shows the layout
the circus arena (prepared for the new performance) – on the window he was standing in
the dressing room, and he says: “All leave: if I die, this layout pass
my son. It would still be an actor.” Then Timur came, there were failures
some. But Spartak said: “it will be an actor, I want him
put this show.” That’s what I heard personally! From Spartacus!”