Новые подробности развода Анджелины Джоли и Брэда Питта

43-year-old Angelina Jolie and 54-year-old brad pitt can’t get a divorce. The stars still deciding who will be responsible for custody of the kids. August 21 was held the next hearing, which would have addressed the issue of the temporary guardianship, but it is, for unclear reasons, did not take place. So the last judgment is still in force, it is something the wife and will follow until the next decision.

Новые подробности развода Анджелины Джоли и Брэда Питта

Recall that at the last meeting of the court held that while Angelina was in the film “Maleficent 2” in London, pitt will spend 4 hours a day with children. Together with them, the father will go to a family psychologist who will be engaged in serious restoration of harmony. By the way, Jolie at the meetings not be permitted.

“It is very important that brad can call them at any time and at their own phone numbers. Can assume that before he tried to call them but after angelina. And she either just didn’t come to the phone, or answered that they are not in place, so the court allowed him to call them without the involvement of Jolie,” — said the lawyer of the family law David glass.

Limiting the communication of children with father, Angelina may lose the right to primary custody. The actress needs to improve their relationship. “It is important that each of the six children had strong and healthy relationships not only with mother but with my father,” said the judge.

However, sources say that Angelina does not preclude the child’s communion with the father. “With regard to the relationship of children with brad, Angelina strongly contributes to the fact that they communicate,” says the insider.

But the source clearly contradicts the star, because she all ways trying to get sole custody of the children. At this point Jolie makes her husband claims to regain sole parenting. The star said that pitt doesn’t pay enough alimony for maintenance of children.

But a loving dad supports children in terms of money and engaged in their education. But his ex-wife believes that the amount brad has to pay by order of the court is not enough. On Tuesday passed the hearing, which was addressed by attorney Jolie Samantha Bley, Degen, saying that for a year and a half brad had not paid any “significant” support. “Pitt has a duty to pay child support. At the moment he has not had any significant financial support to children after a separation,” writes the lawyer in the letter on page two, which was addressed to the Supreme court in Los Angeles.