New details about the disappearance of the stars “House-2” has shocked fans

Новые подробности исчезновения звезды «Дома-2» шокировали поклонников
Husband of Maria Natalia Politov suspects that his beloved had an accident.

Maria Politova

Civilian husband of a star “Houses-2” Maria
Natalia Politov Artem Shnurov in despair. It
left a message to fans on her
page in the social network where asked
help. “Masha went missing the 4th of December.
Left phone at home. Forecasts of the most
bad. The police are looking for, but you’re all
understand. If anyone has some
info – contact me!”— called
Tom, putting your phone number.
The man worried that Maria might
happen tragedy. He said that
Politova called his mother and said,
that’s going to go to her. But then
sent some text messages Artem
found it strange. In them, she said,
I changed my mind and would not come.

“Masha —
bipolar disorder with depressive
moments —
admitted Artem
— She drank
antidepressants. All the pills out of the house
disappeared. The worst thing is that once
before me, Mary in conversation
a friend described this option
event: she takes drugs and
leaves somewhere in the forest.”

Shnurov already
went to the police, where he gave detailed
the description of the clothing that Mary went
out of the house. The girl was wearing dark
jacket, grey pants, silver
running shoes, with them she took a small
black bag. Subscribers microblog
stars advised he will appeal
not only the police but also in
known organization search

Recall that in
the popular TV show “Dom-2” Politov
participated three times: in 2006, in 2007
and in 2010.