Новая невестка Татьяны Васильевой бывшей: «Спасибо за мужа и свекровь» The young woman intervened in a family dispute. The second wife of the son of a famous actress Tatyana Vasilyeva Philip could not remain silent after the interview of Anastasia Begunova the First channel. Maria Bolonkina-Vasilyeva came to the defense of loved ones who had been wrongfully accused.

The young wife of the son of people’s artist Tatyana Vasilyeva Philip, Maria could not remain silent after the broadcast of the program “Tonight.” The transfer showed a fragment of an interview with the former wife of Philip Vasilyeva Anastasia Begunova, in which a woman actually accused her mother-in-law in the collapse of the family. Anastasia claimed that her former husband absolutely spineless creature that obeys his mother. Legman said that during the marriage with Philip it seemed to her that she lives with her husband and his mother. Tatiana Vassilieva started to communicate with ex-daughter-in-law and grandchildren

Hearing these attacks on their loved ones, the new fiancee of Philip Masha Vasileva unable to keep silent. The current spouse of the man recorded in his video message to his ex-wife, thanking her for a wonderful husband and mother-in-law.

“Anastasia, Hello, says in this video clip Maria Bolonkina-Vasileva. – I, unfortunately, never had the opportunity to be familiar with you personally, but I would like to Express my gratitude. Thank you very much, Anastasia, for that you changed my husband. I understand that if you haven’t done that, Philip would never have left you, because he is the most loyal, most faithful, most loving man in the world. So thank you very much for husband. And of course, mother-in-law”.

And later in the review, addressing to her husband, Maria said: “Honey, you have such hardship that I am willing to pick you up with all the giblets”. Members of the young woman admired how she bravely stood up to protect his family. “Good, good for you!”, “When you first saw how she insulted the family in which she lived, it was already clear that she’s a slut”, “Mary, Oh, a lot of honor this … it’s hard word to choose! Her boys still charge for the fact that she publicly paraffins of their father” – share their views followers Maria Bononcini-Vasilyeva.

It is worth noting that Tatyana Vasilyeva and the wife of her son – a full understanding. Maria Bolonkina managed to make friends with her mother in law. Star Granny pleases and the fact that her only granddaughter Myrrh, which gave her son and a young daughter, growing her a copy.