New darling Andrey Chueva old enough to be his daughter

Новая избранница Андрея Чуева годится ему в дочери Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has unveiled the beloved. Fans congratulate Andrey Chueva. They found that the girl, a photo which the reality star has published in the microblog, just lovely.
Новая избранница Андрея Чуева годится ему в дочери

Former participant reality show “House-2” Andrey Chuev, famed for its tumultuous affair with another member of telestroke, Marina Afrikantov already happily in a relationship with a new lover.

Young beauty Andrey Chuev presented to the subscribers of his microblog, by publishing a photo of a girl. A young man publicly confessed beloved in love, dedicating her a poem. By the way, it Chuev opaque hinted about the big age difference between him and his new girlfriend, writing that she could be his daughter. Further, the comments of former participant of “House-2” said that the girl is only nineteen years old, he is in the first of June it will be thirty seven.

“You’re painting my written passion, you exit the nether jaws, the difference between many years, you could be a daughter, but you’re my angel light, someone will say, this is not right and should not be, I still get to choose what life I live, your scent, the taste of the sky, your smile, my “weather”, you are gentle, simple, vicious and your body juicy taste, complement your eyes, thank you, heaven,” – beautifully confessed his love to the girl Andrey Chuev.

Fans of former reality show participant enthusiastically responded to the news that their idol is no longer alone. They compliment beloved Chueva, arguing that young creature just lovely.

“A very beautiful girl, be happy!”, “Come on, Andryushenka, grab a girl and come to the project, will look at you and rejoice!”, “A girl beautiful”, “Beautiful! Much better Marina!”, “Andrew, I wish you happiness. You deserve it. Protect and cherish”, “I think you’ll be a good couple”, “You’re done! Good luck and great happiness”, “Poetry and the girl is very beautiful!” – supported Andrey Chueva his followers.

We will remind, Andrey Chuev and Marina Afrikantov broke up almost three months ago. The man decided to leave the “House-2”, and the girl did not follow her chosen one. Behind the walls of reality show Chueva have started a completely different life. He achieved success in work, improved financial well-being, struggling with excess weight and even managed to meet a new love. Andrey Chuev got rid of a million debt