New coach Evgenia Medvedeva revealed details of their collaboration

Новый тренер Евгении Медведевой раскрыл детали их сотрудничества Canadian Brian Orser was shocked by the desire of skaters to work with him. According to the man, Evgeny Medvedev is dreaming about Olympic gold, and wants to move forward. He fully supports the aspirations of athletes.
Новый тренер Евгении Медведевой раскрыл детали их сотрудничества

Last week, all sports fans were shocked by unexpected news of the resignation of Evgenia Medvedeva from coach Eteri Tutberidze. Skater long made an official statement and refused to comment on the controversial topic. It soon became clear that the girl decided to cooperate with canadian Brian Orser.

The coach known for having raised two of the strongest figure skaters of our time: Uzura yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez. According to Orser, he received the first sms from Medvedeva 2 April, and was stunned by her sudden initiative.

“She told me, “I want to make a change”. I was stunned. We discussed music, what direction we want to move – she never had that luxury. She only gave instructions about which song to perform, which elements and in what order to implement it,” said Brian.

According to the coach, he wants to ensure that Eugene kept his own face in figure skating. Medvedev has already managed to achieve considerable success, but according to Orser, this is not its limit. The canadian considers the Russian athlete is one of the most talented girls, speaking now on the ice.

Brian also noted that his newfound ward did not hold a grudge against the Russian figure skating Federation or the former coach. The decision was given to Eugenia difficult, but she is ready for a lot to go for a long-awaited triumph at the Olympics.

“We came to common opinion that gold medal we will always keep in mind. Well, that Eugene could say publicly what he really wants. However, this does not mean that she must win all the competitions in which to participate. These things are not always interrelated. But, more importantly, it is open to change. Eugene is going to reinvent himself. Despite the fact that she has great titles, I feel they are just the tip of the iceberg and that it can do much more,” said Orser.

However, while Eugene had not yet arrived in Toronto at the first practice. Now she is recovering after the injury. According to the canadian, they don’t want to force things, so in the coming weeks, Medvedev will not be too zealous on the ice.

But a friend of Alina Medvedeva Sagitova won at the Olympics in Pyeongchang, declined to comment on the controversial topic. She stated that on all questions concerning the fate of a friend, should turn to the Eugenia.

Communicating with the website Brian Orser said that the season will start in the coming months. The coach intends to do everything possible so that Eugene could get long-awaited Olympic gold.