New clip with Natalia Poklonskaya became the most discussed in the Network

Новый клип с Натальей Поклонской стал самым обсуждаемым в Сети The General Prosecutor of the Crimea took part in the operation of the video dedicated to the Victory Day. 36-year old sang the song “From heroes of former times” together with our colleagues from the prosecution.

    Новый клип с Натальей Поклонской стал самым обсуждаемым в Сети

    The Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya on the eve of victory Day has released a music video for the song “From the heroes of yore”. This song originally sounded in good Soviet film “Officers”. The video appeared on the official channel of the representative of the Crimean authorities in Youtube.

    In the beginning of the video Natalia Poklonskaya leads hands a daughter, Anastasia and another child and reads lines of the poem devoted to the great Patriotic war. The students solemnly handed armfuls of flowers to the veterans who defended their Homeland. Then begins to sing the chorus, composed of men in uniform. In the creation of the video involved employees of management of FSB in the Crimea and Sevastopol, veterans of the great Patriotic war, the national guard under the military, the creative team of “Young prosecutors” and the students of the Crimean law Institute (branch) of Academy of Prosecutor General of Russia.

    Places, where was it shot, steel memorial complex on the site of the concentration camp “Red” at Simferopol and the square at the monument to naval paratroopers near Evpatoria.

    The video appeared on the channel Poklonskaya late last night and has already scored over 70 thousand views. Social media users enthusiastically greeted the movie dedicated to the Victory Day.

    “Natalya Vladimirovna low bow, thanks for the clip, for your work, for spiritual purity and beauty. Achievements in your lekom work!”, “Well Done Poklonskaya! Time will put everything in its place! Patience is not given to everyone” – such comments were left by users after viewing the video.

    Poklonskaya was appointed Prosecutor of the Crimea in March 2014, after the Republic became part of Russia. The young woman who was General at first not taken seriously. The first official performance of the girl made famous by her on the entire Internet, and Japanese users even compare a government representative with the hero from the anime. In a month known videoblogger Enjoykin presented a clip from Poklonskaya in the title role. Clip Nyash Myash BYD based on the visuals, consisting of an interview with Natalia. Videos included the line from interview with a representative of the Crimean authorities, where she answers question about his similarities with the girls from the anime. “I’m the Prosecutor, and therefore, no nyash myash and the like… I will not allow” – this phrase has become a cult in the spring of 2014.

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