New clip of Shnurova: impressed the fans, angered drug treatment

Новый клип Шнурова: впечатлил фанатов, возмутил наркологов

But the popularity of videos is not affected: for three days the video “Peter – to drink” was viewed almost three million people!

And the view count continues to spin! Moreover, the new movie “Leningrad” like even the authorities of St. Petersburg. The head of the city development Committee tourism Victor Kononov sure: this video will increase the attractiveness of the Northern capital in the eyes of tourists.

“After this video the person will have a desire to visit Petersburg. We don’t all have to follow the wishes of the author, and just to make sure that here, in St. Petersburg, has everything – monuments, museums, restaurants, events and festivals, for all tastes and ages,” the official said.

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Cords he claims that the new video – “geography of the soul, the names of the spirit and existential tourism.” By the way, Sergei in the video also appears. He performed the role of an evil boss who brings his chicanery subordinate to the tantrums. “White collar” does not stand up and sends your boss, colleagues and work literally mate. In General, doing what the heart wants, every second working under the supervision of the head of the tyrant.

After this begins the most interesting – indeed the St. Petersburg part of the video. Retired guy goes to the store for “most expensive vodka”. Soon it is joined by other “humiliated and offended” – the saleswoman, the police, the taxi driver-a Caucasian and an employee of the Museum, which took that the students ignore her lecture. Merry company having fun on the streets of the Northern capital. Moreover alcoholic beverages they consumed, not only the “traditional” way – from the neck of the bottle, but also very original – from the peel of the banana.

Filmed a new video in St. Petersburg, embankment of the Kryukov canal and “Directed” in early April for three days. It was directed by Anna Parmas, already known to the audience for the music video “Exhibit” on a song about “louboutins”.

But if the lyrics about “Sting and the exhibition van Gogh” like almost everyone, this time at a clip, even supported by the St. Petersburg government, there was harsh criticism. And it was narcologists!

Moreover, Russia’s chief narcologist Yevgeny Bryun has called the movie “In St. Petersburg – drink” shameless “rudeness and cattle.”

“The more visible a person is, the more responsible he should treat what he says and what he does. Unfortunately, in our show business this is not happening. I’ve been offered to producers, and other patrons watched the behavior of his players and is not allowed on stage people who promote drugs and vodka. But, unfortunately, this is not happening,” said the doctor in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

However, the Cords immediately found a good response by posting in his Instagram a picture of Rubens “Bacchus”, where the ancient God of wine and merrymaking is depicted surrounded by satyrs, maenads and cupids.

After all, according to critics, this painting is not a glorification of revelry and recklessness, and is brought to life with all its imperfections and joys.

“Well, no, what you wanted, if it’s a boy since the age of five went to the Hermitage?” – wrote on his page Sergey.

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