Новая капсульная коллекция от американской певицы Бейонсе совместно с Adidas

Beyonce is not only a popular American singer in the style of RϨB, actress, dancer and music producer, but also developed and launched together with the trademark Adidas new capsule collection of clothing called “the Adidas x Beyonse Ivy Park”, as well as shoes and accessories “unisex” to them.
A new collection is planned to start in sale in January 2020, the year. This is the first and unique party collection that differs from others by its colaborarea style create shoes, clothes and complementary accessories.
Starting from 18 January 2020 everyone will be able to purchase any item from the new collection of the singer Beyonse and German industrial concern “Adidas” in stores and online.

Новая капсульная коллекция от американской певицы Бейонсе совместно с Adidas
In an interview about the release of a new capsule collection, the singer not holding back enthusiasm and excitement, said: “Finally a dream come true and managed to launch a line of Ivy Park collection in the format of a single owner. Me and my awesome team have worked closely with the representatives of the brand “Adidas” to eventually get the result in the form of my first collection that I ever imagined. I am grateful to every member of my team and the representatives of the “Adidas” that was able to realize my vision in every detail of this collection. I wanted everyone who will choose for themselves any detail, became his particular personality style, became a tool for freedom and a bold touch of his personality!”
A collection of the singer came out fairly bold color palette. Beyonce used this range as cream shades, and combinations of Burgundy and orange. The entire collection of clothing is quite a complicated cut, has multiple layers, the elements consist of several parts. The collection contains: jumpsuits, hoodies, cargo pants, special shorts for Cycling, and dresses-cut asymmetry, bags and backpacks with exclusive straps. Finally, complete the collection of shoes in four variations.

Beyonce can only praise, because it is the first African-American woman who is the owner of a sports brand, born in Houston, Texas in the family of father African American and mother of Creole, in which were the native Americans, French, and African Americans.

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