Новое откровенное интервью Селены Гомес: о депрессии, музыке и Тейлор Свифт

Selena Gomez has decided to reveal himself to his fans and to build with them a more “close” relationship. Earlier, the singer brand gave free groupie dress Prada, which starred in a new music video Back to you. Now she spent live in your profile instagram that stars rarely do, and gave a Frank interview. Selena answered the questions of the subscribers, who asked the singer directly via chat.

Fans asked the singer about how she survived the depression. “Depression has been my life for five years in a row — she said, — I think before I turned 26, my life was such a strange time when I lived on autopilot. Just do movements and figured out who I am.”

Gomez is quite popular in social network, as noted by the fans. They also wished to know how it turns out the singer and what she does in order to get as many subscribers. “I have no tactics, — has told Selenium, — I Have no apps for editing photos on your phone. It’s just a number, and it’s crazy that people are so obsessed with this number.”

At that time Selena spoke about his close relationship with Taylor swift. “She’s literally like my older sister I tell her everything, — said Gomez, She is amazing, I love her.”

But despite the depression, the difficulties and personal life, the singer continues to work and give the fans their creativity. Soon, Selena will release new tracks. “I’ve been working on it for three years, and now I feel like I can finally talk with you guys, so that’s good. The next album is literally the definition of me as a woman.”

Recall, on the weekend Selena put instagram post, which talked about Prada dress: lustrous, green with feathers! She said that the dress she won’t need! Any wishing can write to her direct and she’ll give it to her. So Yes! The girl who got the dress now and I am happy. by the way, her name is not yet known.

By the way, Selena decided to live full and often makes sudden and a bit shocking actions! Blogger Courtney Barry recently celebrated a birthday party and invited their close friends — Selena Gomez, Raquel Stevens and Ashley cook. This festival friends remember for a lifetime, because in this day, all four girls did matching tattoos in honor of the strong ties.