Новый бойфренд актрисы Лоры Дерн на 12 лет ее моложе
The actress was declared a destroyer of hearth and home.

Новый бойфренд актрисы Лоры Дерн на 12 лет ее моложе

Laura Dern


The Beyron Davis


On the days the paparazzi managed to track down 50-year-old Laura Dern, star of “Jurassic Park
period” and “twin peaks” on a date with her new boyfriend. It appeared to be
38-year-old basketball player beyron Davis.

Reporters managed to photograph a couple when they went to dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel. They entered
there, gently holding hands and took a table in the far corner. For
the meal Laura and Baron whispered, exchanging light kisses and
adoring looks. And at the end of dinner, when I came away, Dern and Davis
gave the other a long and passionate kiss on the lips.

In all this there would be nothing wrong,
if not for one detail. The fact that, although the wife of Baron and the mother of his two
children Isabella Brewster – several
months ago filed for divorce, according to friends, was still preserved
hope for reconciliation. And now Laura is called the destroyer

As for Laura, at least she was now absolutely
free. The turf, which met in its time with actors Graffam Goldblum and Kyle MacLachlan, finalized his divorce with ex-husband musician Ben Harper
in 2013-m to year. She lived with him in lawful marriage together for 8 years and gave birth to it
time husband a son and a daughter. Ellery now
for 16 years, and Gaye – 14.