Новый бойфренд Кайли Дженнер арестован

New boyfriend Kylie Jenner Travis Scott, was arrested for inciting a riot during his concert in Rogers, Arkansas, on Saturday, may 13. In the local police Department confirmed this information.

25-year-old rapper was arrested shortly after he left the stage the music pavilion Walmart.
During the concert, Scott (real name Jacques Webster) “urged people to rush to the scene and bypass security protocols to ensure the safety of spectators”. The crowd rushed to the stage, knocking the guards to the ground. Several people were injured, including a security guard and three members of its police Department. The injured people were examined at the scene by employees of fire protection and Mercy Rogers Medical. Two needed hospitalization.
Scott was charged with disorderly conduct, inciting a riot, and that jeopardized the health and safety of minors. He was taken to the office of the Benton County Sheriff’s office and stayed there for several hours. Close to midnight, he was released without bail.
This is not the first such case in the career of Travis. A similar incident happened in Chicago in August 2015, after which many music venues refused to allow the rapper to yourself. And recently in his native Houston rapper urged his fans to jump from the balcony of the third floor during his concert in new York. Then the video made a lot of noise in the network, however, the legal assessment of actions of militiamen rapper and not given.
Recall that the star of the American reality show Kylie Jenner, who broke up with her boyfriend Taiga only two months ago, and several times went out with Travis. However, friends of the celebrity say that she only uses Scott to invoke feelings of jealousy at a former lover and, thus, return it.