New Beau Tatiana Bulanova Radimov has sent away

Новый кавалер Татьяны Булановой послал Радимова подальше

New beloved popular Russian singer Tatyana Bulanova, who divorced about a month ago, spoke about the strained relationship with her ex-husband Vladislav Radimov.

Learn that after the divorce, Bulanova long was not alone and quickly found a replacement husband-a traitor in the person of singer Sasha Popova, the head of the last was accused in the fact that he was the cause of the collapse of the family. But the singer said that unlike the former husband of Tatiana, really ready to do anything for his beloved woman.
“I’m an ordinary guy who has gone through fire, water and copper pipes. You have to fight – I will fight, you need to unload the cars – let’s go! I work not afraid of difficulties and threats, too. Tatiana if you need help, I will do and even greater” — he said.
My ex-husband Bulanova Sasha know for a long time, since the release of their joint song “got it into his head.” They met with the couple in one of the capital’s restaurants and exchanged a few words of courtesy. Second, their dialogue was less friendly and held once aired a program in which the mistress Radimov openly talked about their relationship.
“We’re not too pleasant on the phone – on the topic of the relationship with Tatiana. It ended up that we sent each other in one well-known address..” — said Popov.
Recall that the rumors about a crisis in the family Bulanova Radimov and went long ago, but the couple always denied them, telling everyone that they are all wonderful. But about two months ago, Tatiana provoked the rumors, leaving on his page in the social network angry post, which hinted at her husband’s infidelity with her friend. However, your post immediately deleted it, but everyone already noticed it. To portray happiness with Vladislav Tatiana for a long time did not work and a few weeks ago she announced the divorce as a fait accompli.