Новая «Битва экстрасенсов»: миллионер, воскресшая провидица и советник Ельцина Soon will start the new season of the acclaimed project. “StarHit” to find out what surprises are in store for viewers, the creators of the show and what is important to know about its new members. By the way, the TNT does not disclose the identity of any of the selected psychics.

      Новая «Битва экстрасенсов»: миллионер, воскресшая провидица и советник Ельцина

      The seventeenth season of the show kicks off on 3 September. Yet TNT keeps secret the names of 15 new members even from the seers. “StarHit” reveals three of the most promising psychics, who are in the shortlist.

      Eligible bachelor

      The businessman, who applied for participation in “Battle of psychics,” the 36-year-old Michael Resnick spent many years abroad. Studied in USA, worked in London, Monaco, France. In the past he had left a 10-year-old daughter and ex-wife. Michael is a true entrepreneur has managed to make a profit from their own abilities: knowing where you’re lucky, he invested in real estate, oil and securities.

      “A few years I very successfully put on the stock exchange and earned overnight, almost a million Euro – says Resnick “StarHit”. – But business has been like a game: I always knew that soul will deal with spirituality”.

      Your talent Reznik tried not only relatives, but also the star friends were able to find for the time spent in the United States.

      “One of the first was will Smith,” says Michael. We met at a party in California. Talking about something, and now he was asking me about my gift. We exchanged numbers and will like jokingly asked: “what do you think about my new movie “I am legend”?” I said, “He’ll make a killing!” When fees paintings exceeded several hundred million dollars, Smith texted me: “Your prediction came true!” A couple of weeks ago before flying from new York to Laduree cafe saw a pretty girl at the next table. Exchanged a few words, and suddenly I came to the realization that it is Jessica Alba. But suggestions to look at destiny to scare her did not.
      Новая «Битва экстрасенсов»: миллионер, воскресшая провидица и советник Ельцина

      In casting the popular TV show businessman also led intuition. And, it was not in vain. In the last round he met a second cousin!

      “Suits me young man and said, “don’t you recognize me?” I, lost in conjecture, shrug. He told me his pedigree, it turned out that he was the son of a cousin of my mother, found my old photo, says the MAG. – Since we do not spill water. Work together”.

      But not all the family butcher has a penchant for the esoteric. Parents for a long time could not accept the particular son.

      “My mother was more loyal, but the Pope had a dispute, said the “StarHit” MAG. – He is a military man, said he did not believe in this nonsense. And did not want to hear about any magic. Just two months ago, acknowledged my gift. Then he looked at me as I passed three rounds in the “Battle” and gave up. Doesn’t know about my powers yet only 10-year-old daughter Sofia. When you go live issues, of course, have to explain it to her”.

      NEW FACE

      Новая «Битва экстрасенсов»: миллионер, воскресшая провидица и советник Ельцина

      Jeanne Kostrova took a magical gift in 6 years. Then she… drowned. Out of the depths, she pulled grandma-the healer, who literally returned from the dead granddaughter. “In childhood I could not understand why I see people from the inside,” recalls Jeanne. – There is before me a woman, but for me it’s like she’s transparent. After the resurrection was able to distinguish the color of bodies and to understand where the problem lies in humans. Being inexperienced, approached strangers and advised: “You need to see a doctor.” Of course, I was not taken seriously and even abused. The grandmother explained: “Zhannochka, it is necessary to keep this information. Not all are ready for it”.

      Kostrova foresaw all the important stages in life: where to study, with whom to communicate. And the wedding designer of the power plant Nicholas she saw on the first day of Dating. “I came for a business meeting, sat down in front of Nicholas and was stunned, says “StarHit” prophetess. If the voice in your head says: “This is your future husband.” Forgot everything I wanted to ask sat a little fuzzy… We started to chat, make friends. Three months later, nick made the proposal.”

      Son, Dmitri, now a 27-year-old police officer, Jeanne 14 years ago saved. Then he, a schoolboy, came down with a temperature under forty.

      “All relatives diagnosing bad. Can’t normally view. At the time, I had a feeling that something is wrong. Dima could not even to the kitchen to walk – such a weakness. Three weeks, the doctors changed courses of antibiotics, but could not bring the fever down, ” says the psychic. – I grabbed it and drove to the medical center for tests. The blood showed inflammation, but the doctors assured – it is cold. Not unimas, approached the Department head: “Look at his spleen”. Tried to dissuade me, they say, will do nothing, but I insisted on an ultrasound. It turned out that the son of this body increased so that took almost all the pelvis! It was a tumor. I was offered to operate, but I signed a refusal of admission, took the baby home.”

      Month healer conspiracies and prayers aligned the energy of the boy. And a miracle happened. “We passed again all the tests that the tumor is gone, – continues Kostrova. Doctor concluded: “the Diagnosis was wrong.” I just smiled – well, thank God.”

      But it is not the main test, which was waiting for the clairvoyant. Once she had to rescue myself.

      “Was visiting friends, stroking their fluffy Chow king. Approached him to kiss and he bit my face. So much so that severed the nose, – the woman tells. – Was unthinkable hurt. But the fear came when I put her hand to her face and realized that I have literally a hole from the mouth to the brow of the triangle. Then I had to focus all your energy, to gather, to talk to the ambulance on the phone. All the way to the hospital I prayed to not feel pain and not be a freak. And I did it. In a simple city hospital I have adjusted everything so that even after removing the stitches, I felt the same as I ever was.”


      The final casting of the “Battle” was noticed and psychic Boris Yeltsin – Avdotya Smirnova, which in the world know how Elena Davydova. The native of Nizhni Tagil countrymen called the local Wang.

      “She was a fortune teller not worse than the famous clairvoyant, is talking about her colleagues. – And is raising two grandchildren-twins – Arseny and Mary”.

      Recently, the son of Avdotya introduced her to the Internet she learned to communicate in social networks. However, not everyone is responsible.

      “They say she sees, who is worth dealing with and who is not – says “StarHit” Anna Serenko receiving assistance from a psychic. – I saw her write nasty things on the page, and she always responds wisely: “Please do not swear, because I have grandchildren come here, “Fixico” to see if you read…” She diagnosed my relative. Told photo about his disease, advised to check and to what doctor to go”.

      That Avdotya advised the first President of Russia, on the Playground says it all. Discussed that it was for his predictions at the time of the coup. They say that thanks to her he made the right decision. However, the reason the woman stopped working with a politician – remains a mystery.

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