New assortment of the brand “Alvero”

Новый ассортимент бренда «Альверо»

In October, the company “Alvero” is the largest Russian manufacturer of solid doors, has expanded its range with two unusual novelties.

Новый ассортимент бренда «Альверо»

The first novelty is a modern flooring: engineering wood flooring made of oak.

This coating has several important characteristics:

  • due to the special design the risk of warping, the formation of cracks and the appearance of difficulty is minimal;
  • through the application of a special German-Polish Hesse in layer 4, the coating becomes much more resistant to wear;
  • flawless joining of boards, which provides design engineering boards on the imported equipment;
  • subject to multiple restorations due to the 4.5 mm of the useful layer;
  • on the inside of the Board there are two discharging groove that allows you to remove stress from the Board and protect against such impacts as changes in temperature and moisture .

Новый ассортимент бренда «Альверо»

The second novelty presented by the company — flat plinth with cable channel with a width of 70mm. This is the piece that completes the interior design in the corporate style “Alvero”. The baseboard can be designed as solid oak and MDF covered with oak veneer.

Both models can be made in 16 different brand types of finish.

Thus, buying doors, floors and skirting brand “Alvero”, you will be able to make your room perfect in tone and style elements. Both models, as are the doors “Alvero”, is already available in the branded shops factories across Russia and Kazakhstan.

Door “Alvero” is made of the natural massif of Caucasian oak and beech. Production company — the factory “Lider” is located in the city of Perm, in the foothills of the North Caucasus, which allows to minimize the cost of shipping materials.

Bet on modern technology and high quality raw materials made factory “Leader” is the largest Russian producer of interior doors made of natural solid hardwoods.