New appointment of Dmitry Shepelev: all about the career of the presenter

Новое назначение Дмитрия Шепелева: все о карьере телеведущего Showman will be involved in the shooting of new episodes of the programme “live”. Dmitry Shepelev confirmed that will become the face of the project is Boris Korchevnikov left the transfer for personal reasons. “StarHit” remembered other spectacular appearance of a journalist on the screens.

      Новое назначение Дмитрия Шепелева: все о карьере телеведущего

      Today, a number of sources reported that 34-year-old Dmitry Shepelev will be the leading TV channel “Russia 1” and will replace Boris Korchevnikov in the program “live”. It is argued that much will change the transfer format and the shooting will take place in the new Studio. Showman himself confirmed that he had received a job offer. According to Dmitry, he is full of energy and ready to begin shooting.

      Boris korchevnikov leaves the “live”

      “Well. I think my protracted “vacation” came to an end. The new host of “live” on TV channel “Russia”. Start in March. If not me, who?” said Shepelev.

      While fans Dmitry Shepelev discuss the data that appears on the Network, “StarHit” decided to recall the career of showman.


      Few people know, but it is known he began to work in television when I was in ninth grade. One of the friends invited him to participate in the casting for extras of entertainment, very popular among young people of Belarus. However, the producers of the project decided to make Dmitry leading program. In a short time Shepelev became the most popular teenager in his school. In an interview with reporters, the showman had admitted that classmate helps him with homework and even fought for the right to carry the briefcase of a young man.

      Новое назначение Дмитрия Шепелева: все о карьере телеведущего


      After high school, Shepelev was sure of what he wants to be. So he entered the Belarusian state University at faculty of journalism and continued to work in the specialty. In those years, Dmitry is working on local TV and DJ at “Alfa”radio.

      Over the years, the entertainer worked at the radio station “Unistar” and TV channel “ONT”. It is interesting that Dmitry was lucky enough to interview Bryan Adams and Chris Rea. In addition, the chair participated in the preparation of live concert of Robbie Wilma.

      “In the military Department of the University I disliked: the dude and the upstart boy from the TV, also is there something on the radio. But most of all, irritated my long hair,” recalled Dimitri.
      Новое назначение Дмитрия Шепелева: все о карьере телеведущего

      In 2004 Shepelev gets a job offer from channel “M1”, based in Kiev. He became a leading morning program “Guten Morgen”. From this moment, Dmitri is forced to live in two countries. In his native Belarus Shepeleva you can hear on the radio, and in Ukraine it was doing what wanted the audience to have a good day. Such a varied professional life has not prevented Dmitry to finish school with honors.

      In 2008 Shepelev moved to Kiev and became a leading popular show “star Factory 2”, which was shown on the New channel. Then Dmitry takes part in the filming of projects such as “Play or not play”, “karaoke Star”, “Laugh comedian”, “Red or black”, “Summer kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev” and “One family”.

      “Finally, the participants of the “Laugh comedian” started to make fun of leading. Here’s my favorite joke from the student from Kiev: “Instead of sugar Dmitry Shepelev down in tea…the face,” said once a showman.


      Dmitry Shepelev started cooperation with the First channel in 2008. Showman debuted in the program”? Sing!”. This program represents an analogue of the American project “The Singing Bee” reminded many viewers of “name that tune” with Valdis Pelham.

      A year later Dmitry Shepelev had the chance to become one of the leading so-called “Green Room” at the international competition “Eurovision”. This work was not only very honourable, but very responsible. Shepelev had to spend more than eighty press conferences, but his efforts were rewarded: the showman handed the statuette “taffy”.

      “I am often asked about incidents at work. Here is one of them. I had the program applications and the program Director asked me to congratulate the birthday of his grandmother and to deliver at its discretion the song, for example, Alla Pugacheva. I did just that. A second later, the Studio flew furious software, and the way he twisted his finger to his temple and screamed hysterically, it became clear that he was not very happy. Appeared and wished long life to grandma, I put in the song “Two candles” – shared host.
      Новое назначение Дмитрия Шепелева: все о карьере телеведущего

      Then Dmitry began to lead the music program “property of Republic” together with Yury Nikolaevym. Transmission, very popular, was shown on the First channel from 2009 to 2016. In this show, the jury and the audience chose the best songs from Soviet and Russian songs of different years.

      In the Wake of the success of the project Dmitry received an offer to become a member of the jury of the program “Ice and fire”, and later began to conduct a “Minute of fame”. In this project a co-host Shepeleva were the stars of show-business, as Julia Kovalchuk and Alexander Oleshko.

      In the summer of last year in a press there was an information that the First channel has not renewed the contract with Shepelev, but later his colleague denied this information “StarHit”. “The programme was broadcast and will be aired as the emergence of interesting reasons”, – reported in the crew transfer.


      In an interview Dmitry Shepelev admitted that he would like to run the author’s project on TV. The presenter said that he is a fan of many American evening TV show. Note that this format is produced, for example, the program Ivan Urgant on channel one.

      “I believe that the time will come, my solo gear. I’m a fan of the evening entertainment shows on American television. I want to do a TV program in which will and humor, and interviews, and news,” said Shepelev.

      During the conversation with correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Dmitry also admitted that one of his idols such well-known American and British TV personalities as Conan O’brien, David Letterman, Stephen fry and Ricky Gervais.

      Новое назначение Дмитрия Шепелева: все о карьере телеведущего
      Новое назначение Дмитрия Шепелева: все о карьере телеведущего
      Новое назначение Дмитрия Шепелева: все о карьере телеведущего