New album Prince has become the subject of litigation

Новый альбом Принса стал предметом судебной тяжбы

Only Prince fans were happy with the new songs of the deceased idol, as it became known that this will not happen. At least in the near future. Cause new litigation was the album “Deliverance”, which had been removed from iTunes and the Apple Music and which was to blow up the charts.

Against the producers of the new album suing the executors of the Prince’s estate. They then asked the court to withdraw the record from iTunes and Apple Music, until you resolve the question of who and how many will work on it and who is its owner. The court found that the producer George Ian Boxill had no right to put the album and make it for public access, the producer, who, besides, was a friend of the Prince, explained his decision by the fact that the singer always dreamed about accessibility of the public to his music.
Millions of fans of the singer are upset, and Prince’s estate and Mr. Boxill will be measured by the strength of their lawyers in court.