Новый альбом Кеши спас ее жизнь

While talked about his new album “Rainbow”, Kesha broke down and succumbed to the emotions because of the pain that is hidden behind the creation of the project. Singer five years to release albums.

Kesha talked about the new album through tears, during his appearance Wednesday on the program “Good morning America.” The singer talked about his triumphant return to music career and are unable to restrain emotions.

“This album literally saved my life,” says the actress’s first album in five years. Kesha told me why he chose this name to write: “I think the colors are symbols of hope… I have always found hope in bright colors and would like to bring more into my everyday life.”

After a long time of absence, the performer gradually returned to the spotlight. The beginning of her return with the emotional track “Playing”. “It so personally. I wrote every song in this album independently and they are all very personal,” says Kesha.

“I believe that this song is very important because it tells the story of how I pass something very difficult — a lot of difficult things — get over it, don’t give up, and find sympathy on the other side of that is sometimes very difficult.”

The next track after “Playing” was the anthem “Woman”. In it she talks about the power of what requires to be a woman. That you need to go ahead and release all unnecessary.

Recall that Keshi’s new album was leaked in Internet before release. Especially the singer very difficult record. She broke the contract with her producer, claiming that he had subjected her to mental, physical and sexual violence. Dr. Luke has many times denied allegations of the singer. His lawyer recently wrote a statement in which he asks the singer Lady Gaga, who has repeatedly supported the Cache will appear in court for sworn testimony about her attitude.