New album Britney Spears will be out in a few weeks

Новый альбом Бритни Спирс выйдет через пару недель

Recently Britney Spears shows us a beautiful result of their transformations. Singer visibly lost weight, tightened body, and became more actively work on his new music album.

Presentation of the Studio album of the singer was to be held towards the end of this year, but today it was revealed that the album will be released in a couple of weeks.

This was announced by fashion columnist Robin Leach. According to his statement, today Britney is going to release a new single next week, she’ll publish a video to it, and after three weeks will be released new album.

Album Britney helped the people who have worked recently with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, because we can assume that the composition will be worthwhile.

“Honestly, I feel that this is my child, — said earlier Spears. – So I want to make everything better. I know that’s the way I go, correct. This is the best thing I’ve done lately. I’m proud of this work. The new album is different from what I was doing before.”


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