Новый приключенческий боевик с Жаном Рено снимут в Чехии

Frenchman Jean Reno, among other things, we know is the role of the killer and the cook. Now in the “service record” the actor added experience of search of ancient treasures.

It is known that Jean Renault has given its consent to the shooting in the movie “Adventurers”, the Director who appointed Stephen Fung (“Apprentice”).

In addition to Reno, on the screen will flash Andy Lau (“House of flying daggers”) and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi (“the Transporter”).

At the moment of the film, virtually nothing is known: the heroes will search for the treasure, and the shooting will take place in the Czech Republic.

Full-scale survey will start in Prague, then continue in other cities of the Republic from September 2016. According to experts, the production of the film will bring $ 8.2 million to the budget of the Czech Republic.

Release date to be confirmed.


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